Product Overview

The R-HUB products consist of:

  • HD Video Conferencing Servers
  • Remote Support Servers
  • All-in-one collaboration servers
  • End-point products
  • Specialty collaboration products

The R-HUB server product lines are built upon the following included real-time collaboration applications:
Online Meetings:

  1. Interactive MeetingAllows users to collaborate interactively when giving sales presentations and product demos, or collaborating among employees.
  2. HD Video ConferencingOffers webcam-based video conferencing with 1080p and telepresence; allows users to include up to 100 webcams in a single meeting.
  3. WebinarProvides online seminars without requiring “view-only” attendees to go through a download and installation process.
  4. Live StreamingStreams desktop, HD video and audio to browser-based viewers across all platforms.

Remote Support:

  1. Remote SupportSupports PC, Mac and mobile users remotely.
  2. Remote HandProvides remote assistance via interactive HD video-based, augmented reality.
  3. Remote AccessAllows anywhere/anytime access for office or home PCs and Macs.

Audio Conferencing

  1. Audio ConferenceOffers VoIP mixed with FREE landline (PSTN) audio conferencing services with dial-in numbers in 28 countries.
In addition to server products, R-HUB offers client products and real-time collaboration solutions for special use cases:
  1. HD Video Conference End Point Providing all hardware and software needed for conference rooms.
  2. TurboRoom Enabling real-time collaboration in secure conference rooms.
  3. TurboClass Bringing real-time collaboration to classrooms.
  4. Turbo9-1-1 Empowering real-time collaboration for first responders.
The following table shows the server product configurations:
Products Video Conference Interactive Meeting Webinar Audio Conferencing Remote Support Remote Access Live Streaming Remote Hand
Standard* HD** VoIP Free PSTN
HD Video Conferencing Servers (TVC)        
Remote Support Servers (TRS)            
Remote Access Servers (TRA)              
Remote Support & Access Servers (TRSA)          
All-in-One Collaboration Servers (TMA)
* Standard video conferencing: webcam image resolution up to 256(W) x 192(H) pixels
** HD video conferencing: 1080p webcam image resolution up to 1920(W) x 1080(H) pixels with up to 100 webcams. HD video also comes with telepresence functions.

The R-HUB All-in-One Collaboration Server is the best choice. It provides the most flexibility and functions for your collaboration needs, now and in the future (see the figure below)


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